Blogging Hiatus Concludes for the Trademark Titan Blog

Okay…so who said that finding time to blog is easy?  For the past year and a half finding that time for me has been nearly impossible due to the demands of my practice and not to mention the time taken to foster my 9-year old prodigy son with respect to his academics and his god-given talent for baseball and, of course, hockey; he was born in Maine… enough said. (What’s up with the Boston Bruins anyway?  Can we find some offense, please!?) 
With the addition of a new paralegal and new associates to support my practice and with the travel hockey season (and the construction of a hockey training room with synthetic ice in my basement) behind us! I am hopeful that my blogging hiatus has finally come to an end…at least for the foreseeable future…and at least until that special time of year…travel hockey season!