The Importance of Proper Global Brand Name Selection Rears Its Ugly Head...Again

Creating brilliant and legally available brand names is becoming increasingly more difficult as thousands of new brands are launched globally every month. Selecting brand names is also generally not as easy as many brand managers think. Some give little, if any, real consideration to the brand name itself as if it were an irrelevant part of the branding process that’s best left for late Friday afternoon.  History tells us that in some instances it’s not the best mousetrap that wins the race to the top position in consumers’ minds but rather the brand, which starts with what? That’s right, the brand name itself.

We know there are brand managers that wait until the eleventh hour to consider brand names for product launches. Or at least they wait until the eleventh hour before giving the brand name considerable thought and consideration. Fundamentally, that's not the best approach for creating and building a successful brand, especially if the brand is going global. I have blogged about global trademark protection and brand name selection considerations (here) and how improper brand name selection can kill a brand (here).

This morning I came across The Montana iP Trademark Blog, which I immensely enjoyed perusing. There is a particular post on The Montana iP Trademark Blog that prompted my writing this post this morning. (Thank you Paul for unlocking my writer’s block! And for giving me something fun to write about!) That post thoroughly highlights the importance of global brand name selection. (Read here)

I think that the below packaging image says it all and makes my, as well as The Montana iP Trademark Blog’s, point dreadfully clear.

Houston, we have a problem.